Q: What are the key areas in which you learned news skills/information about integrating technology this semester?

A: An area that I learned new skills is that not only is it important to teach students about technology, but also we can use technology to teach. It may seem simple, but I hadn’t really ever thought of using technology like a podcast, or a website to teach music or InTechnology related topics. This really changed my outlook on how we can use technology.

Q: What are the key topics in which you increased your knowledge about integrating technology into your teaching?

A: Just going to say it, Podcasts. Learning about podcasts this semester blew my mind up with possibilities of how to integrate them into a classroom setting. There seems to be so much potential I don’t know why more teachers don’t use them. Besides the amount of work that they take to put together, they are so helpful because students can learn information on their own outside of class. This also includes screenflow.

Q: Of all the topics we addressed this semester, which one (or more) would you still like to learn more about?

A: I know this may be difficult, but I was very interested in making a video to go along with my podcast, but could not figure out any of the programs. I think it would really add to the podcast, but I know that they are difficult programs to use, so I understand why they are not taught.

Q: How would you compare or contrast what you learned this semester from the way technology was used by your teachers during your K-12 Schooling?

A: My teachers used extremely minimal technology in their teaching, so my education is very contrasting from this class. The only technology that our school used was an electronic calendar, recordings of the music we were playing, and a class Facebook account to get information out.

Q: How would you describe your attitude toward technology now compared to the beginning of the semester?

A: I do feel pretty old school when it comes to teaching and learning (pen and paper), but some of the ideas we covered has extremely inspired me to use technology. While I don’t feel like a tech wizard, I do feel like I have the basics to continue learning and incorporating technology in a useful way.